Hoezo Japan II: Een dwaze oude man… het is tijd voor afscheid (seizoen 1988/1989)

Producent: Luc Boyer
Première: 14 mei 1989, Frascati Amsterdam
Tekst en regie: The Art Brothers
Productie: Michael van Isveldt
Lichtontwerp: Ronald Nord
Spel: Luc Boyer
Met dank aan de Theaterencyclopedie

Van de website van The Art Brothers:
“Luc Boyer asked us to write and direct a theater play for his Japan series in theater Frascati which resulted in the hilarious play Hoezo Japan? (Why Japan?). The whole play was written in phonetical Japanese which we extracted from Japanese movies. Luc Boyer starred as a mad old man in probably one of his most bizarre roles ever, we co-starred in the background as interpretors for the Japanese language.